Fiberglass Swimming Pool Installation

Anyone who has had a concrete swimming pool built in their backyard knows that the process can take months. Fences are ripped down, yards are torn apart, and foundations are laid and re-laid. By the time the job is complete, one swimming season has passed and it is months until the weather turns warm again.

A fiberglass pool can be installed within a few weeks. Once a person’s backyard has been surveyed, the pool layout is marked. Once the installation begins, the hole will typically be dug in one day. When the hole is ready, the pool is set, and then it is filled with water. Electrical and plumbing equipment is then put into place, and then a concrete foundation is poured around the pool. If all of the prep work has been done, the actual installation should be fast and incident-free. Most jobs are completed within a few weeks not months.

Installing Indoor Pools

There are concerns that are specific to the installation of an indoor fiberglass pool. The pool will be delivered in one piece, and it is important that the hole is dug to the correct specifications because access can be very tricky. Indoor pools are often installed after the footings. If this is the case, footings must be set at least 18 inches deeper than the shell. There are also issues with air quality control, floor drains, corrosion resistant interiors and several other factors that need to be considered. At Expert Pools, we will happily help you make installing an indoor pool a pleasurable experience. Don’t let your dream turn into a nightmare

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