L.E.D. Pool Lighting

L.E.D. lighting can completely alter the appearance of a pool or spa and of an entire backyard. A splash of color such as blue, green, or purple can cause the shapes in the water to change in appearance, and they can affect the mood of all of those around the pool. That is why L.E.D. pool lighting is often the perfect addition to any backyard party, even one that doesn’t involve swimming.

On a very practical level, L.E.D. lighting makes it much safer for people to swim at night. Even the best swimmers can run into problems when it is dark. If one’s depth perception is affected in the least, he can end up hurting himself. L.E.D. stands for light emitting diodes. There are 9 colors standard and there is no risk of electrocution because the light works on a 12 volt current. The electrical cost of this lighting is much cheaper than conventional halogen-(old fashioned) lighting. You will save hundreds of dollars in the lifetime of ownership.

Fiber Optic  Lighting

At Expert Pools, we offer standard L.E.D. lighting options. However, we can also outfit our pools with Fiber Optic lighting. This style can give a very natural look to the pool, reducing the neon-like glow that so many lights produce. Also, Fiber Optic lighting can be used to highlight water features and steps.

Whenever a customer visits our showroom, he will have the opportunity to discuss all of the lighting options with one of our staff. You can even see a demonstration of what effect the lighting will actually have on a pool. Even if you decide to forgo Fiber Optic lighting options at first, accessories can always be added at a later date.

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