Pool Enclosures

For most people, the swimming season never lasts long enough. Even before the weather gets too cold, pool temperatures start to drop and even a few minutes in the water can become unbearable. A pool enclosure can keep water and air temperatures warm and comfortable throughout the year.

In addition to keeping the effects of winter at bay, an enclosure adds a level of safety to a pool. Children and pets can be kept out when they are unsupervised, and alarm systems can be put in place to ward off unwanted visitors. An enclosure also keeps debris out of the pool, reduces evaporation, and increases property value.

Pool Enclosure Options

At Expert Pools, we can supply our customers with enclosures that fit almost any size of pool. If none of the standard enclosures fits a particular pool, a custom size can be created. There are several different options when it comes to an enclosure’s appearance, as well. White- or green-tinted sides are available, and there are a variety of other plexiglass color options. Shade screens and drapes can be used in an enclosure, and an extra room or pool party space can be added.

There are a number of different styles of doors that can be put into place for convenience or safety. There are handicap doors, child protection doors, disappearing screen doors, and sliding doors. Before an enclosure is installed, you’ll have the opportunity to look at all of the options closely and settle on a finished product that suits your financial, safety, and aesthetic needs.

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