Pool Vacuums

Pool owners know how difficult it can be to keep the water clean. A pile of leaves, branches, and wood chips seems to appear on the surface of the water just as you’ve fished out another pile of debris. While skimming flotsam and jetsam off the water can be annoying, there are other pool cleaning issues that are a greater concern. Algae and different types of bacteria can collect in the water and on pool surfaces. These invaders can cause damage to the structure of the pool, and they can irritate a swimmer’s eyes and skin.

Pool vacuums can be used to pick up leaves, but they also can keep harmful substances from getting hold of a pool. At Expert Pools, we carry vacuums that are operated by hand, but we also have automatic cleaners in stock. An automatic cleaner ensures that pool water is never stagnant; it also relieves owners of much of the maintenance work they have to do to keep their pools in good shape.

Vacuums for Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are not nearly as susceptible to algae penetration as concrete pools. However, this does not mean that fiberglass pools do not need to be cleaned on a regular basis. At Expert Pools, we are proud to offer the strongest fiberglass pools on the market, and we have vacuums and other cleaning accessories that are designed to keep those pools as clean as possible.

There are almost as many different vacuum styles as there are pool styles. There are fully functional robots that make their way across the bottom of the pool, and there are snake-like cleaners that swim along the top of the water. Paying large sums of money for the latest vacuum is not always necessary because there are a number of affordable products that are as effective as most of the overly expensive ones.

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