Small Fiberglass Pools

At Expert Pools, we carry a variety of small fiberglass pools. By taking a trip to one of our showrooms, you will have the opportunity to see designs such as the Key West, the Chesapeake, and the Freeport. These models range in size between 12′ x 25′ and 12′ x 31′. They are perfect for backyards that would be overwhelmed by larger styles, or for people who want a pool that is suitable for games such as volleyball.

Even if a fiberglass pool is small, that doesn’t mean it has to be shallow. There are small designs that are less than four feet deep, but there are others that reach depths of over six feet. In fact, certain models are flexible, and can be designed to fit the depth requirements of the customer.

Mini Fiberglass Pools

For some people, small fiberglass pools are still too big. Either their yards are compact, or they simply don’t plan on swimming any laps in the near future. At Expert Pools, we have mini designs to fit their needs. These styles, like the Oahu, can be found measuring 8’9″ x 14’3″. They tend to be about four feet deep, and they only require around 2,000 gallons of water.

Adding a heater to a mini fiberglass pool can allow a person to enjoy the benefits of both a pool and a spa. While larger than the typical spa, a mini pool can be heated in a relatively short time and outfitted with massage jets. Designs can also feature ample sitting room, so after a person spends the day swimming, he can turn up the temperature and just sit back and relax.

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