Swimming Pool Games

Almost everyone has spent a summer day out by the pool playing a good old-fashioned game of Marco Polo. It is a simple game that requires no extra accessories and gives people the chance to jump in and out of the pool as much as they want. In fact, there are a number of pool games like Marco Polo that need no nets, balls, hoops, or anything else.

Those who are interested in playing more complex games can use their pools to double as basketball courts, volleyball courts, or even floating golf greens. Materials for pool games are relatively inexpensive. Also, the best brands are built to last for several seasons so amateur athletes will definitely get their money’s worth.

Pools Designed for Games

The average pool is not designed to support a full-fledged volleyball game. They are either too deep, too uneven, or designed in a way that makes it virtually impossible to put up a net. There are, however, fiberglass pools that were designed with games in mind.

At Expert Pools, our selection of fiberglass pool designs and styles makes it possible for a person to find a pool that is perfect for any pool game. There are no inconveniently placed bends, and the depth of the pool stays relatively constant so most people will have no problem standing. Also, the surface of a fiberglass pool is much smoother than that of a concrete pool, so people don’t have to worry about scraping their feet as they move in for overhead smashes or leap for touchdown catches.

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