Backyard Ideas

When summertime rolls around, most people want to spend as much time outside as they possibly can. After battling a brutal winter, it is time to kick back, fire up the grill, and enjoy a few months of the hot sun. There is no better way to take advantage of the season than by taking a dip or swimming a few laps in the backyard pool.

Many people in the area shy away from buying in-ground pools for their backyards because they think that winter (and fall for that matter) will be too cold for the pool to last. In the case of concrete and gunite pools, this is often the case. However, the latest fiberglass pools can actually take a stand against Mother Nature, and remain undamaged by frost, lake-effect snow, high winds, and even blizzards.

Changing the Look of a Backyard with Fiberglass Pools

People are often under the impression that there is only one design for fiberglass pools–the standard rectangle. This is not actually true, and at Expert Pools we are happy to offer a variety of designs that rival any concrete pool. We have over 65 standard models of different shapes and sizes.

Additions such as cascades, streams, and fountains can be added to fiberglass pools in order to complement any landscaping ideas a person might have for his backyard. There are also color options and fiber optic lighting choices that can greatly affect the look of a pool and the yard itself. It is even possible to create a mosaic out of inlaid tiles.

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