Backyard Pools

For children there is nothing quite like heading out to the backyard pool on a hot day and impressing friends and family members with a series of cannonballs, jack-knifes, and can openers. The joy derived from a pool is not limited to kids, though. Pools provide a great source of exercise for those looking to drop a few pounds, and they are perfect for anyone who wants to spend a little time in the sun during peak tanning hours.

In most Southern states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Texas concrete pools dominate backyards. People do not have to worry about cracks forming due to long, cold winters. However, in places like Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin concrete pools generally are not strong enough to make it through the cold weather changes. Anyone who wants a backyard pool that is going to last in the harsh weather can really only rely on fiberglass pools that are built to flex with the ground movement.

Benefits of Backyard Fiberglass Pools 

At Expert Pools, we are aware of the fact that not every fiberglass pool or spa is exactly the same. That is why we employ the latest technology and use only the finest materials in our designs. We have developed a distinctive fiberglass composite that features a ceramic layer between the vinyl ester and polyester resin layers. This ceramic interior makes the pool stronger and it waterproofs the pool’s finish.

Technology is not the only thing that separates us from other fiberglass pool distributors. We are the number-one ranked builder of in-ground pools in the area, our work has been featured on the hit TV show Extreme Home Makeover, and our stock of one-piece fiberglass pools is unmatched. We are also willing to take the time to see that a customer gets exactly what he is looking for when purchasing a pool. For instance, if you can’t visualize what a pool will look like in your backyard, we can stop by with a full-sized, fabric template that will give you a better picture. We also offer three dimensional design for no additional charge.

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