Building An In-ground Pool

Everyone at Expert Pools knows that having an in-ground pool installed is a major project for a person or family. That is why we make the process as easy as possible from the beginning to end. Before purchasing a fiberglass pool, you can visit one of our   locations to view a variety of designs, see what the pools look like when they are in the ground, or even take a look at some of our past projects at customers residences.

No one should have a pool built without first getting an idea of how everything is going to look and how much the entire project is going to cost. We will happily come to your home to inspect your backyard, and we can even show you how the pool will be laid out. At this time, you can receive a free estimate, as well.

Installing an In-ground Fiberglass Pool

There are a few steps that need to be taken between the purchase and installation of a fiberglass pool. Underground lines, overhead lines, fences, surface drainage, retention walls and other landscaping elements need to be surveyed. Once this is done, and it is determined that there are no  issues, initial design and construction can be completed, and the real building process can get under way shortly thereafter.

First, the hole is dug and graded using a stone mixture. The dirt from the excavation is then hauled to a dump site. Next the fiberglass pool arrives, and  is set into the hole and laser leveled. Water is then added, and plumbing and concrete forms are set. In approximately 3-4 weeks the pool is finished. The building process for fiberglass designs is typically much faster than it is for concrete pool because much of the construction happens at the factory. The product is built in a temperature controlled environment which makes the quality much more consistent. In some cases, pools can even be completed within a few days. There are many factors that contribute to actual construction time. Please ask a sales associate for more details.

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