In-ground Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Rectangle, kidney, lap, and freeform are just a few of the shapes of in-ground fiberglass pools. There are also splash pools, pools with waterfalls, lap pools, and game pools. In short, there are as many options when it comes to fiberglass pools as there are with concrete pools. There are just as many accessories for fiberglass designs, as well. Pools can be heated, enclosed, lit, or can even have pathways leading across them.

At Expert Pools, we are continually making improvements on the standard fiberglass pool. We offer more styles and sizes than have ever been available in the past. We have also strengthened our pools, made them climate resistant, created accessories that make maintenance minimal, and designed cosmetic features that beautify pools and can increase property values.

Financing In-ground Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are often more expensive than concrete pools, but the cost difference is made up for in durability. In an attempt to make the purchase of a pool easier for our customers, we offer several different financing options. All of these choices can be discussed in detail when you request a quote.

Most people think the best way to finance a swimming pool is through home equity. However, there are plans that will work for people who are not in a position to borrow against their homes. Some financing plans will require payments of $1,000 per month, while others will only call for monthly payments of $500. A small down payment will be required, as well. Give us a call to talk about the financing option that’s right for you.

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