In-ground Pool Construction

When people think of pool construction, they often picture their yards being torn apart for months on end. This image is often the reality for those who choose to purchase in-ground concrete pools. However, if you buy a fiberglass pool from us at Expert Pools, it can be installed in as little as three days.

Our in-ground fiberglass pools are far stronger and more durable than any concrete pool on the market, and they are far superior to most other fiberglass models available. We have used the latest technology to create a unique fiberglass composite and a protective layer of vinyl ester resin that allows our pools to withstand winters in the cold climates. They will not crack due to frost, nor will they erode under the duress of high winds or ice storms.

The Installation Process

At Expert Pools, we control the entire installation process. This allows us to maintain our high standards, and it keeps installation time to a minimum. The shell of your pool is prepared for delivery at our warehouse. After we dig and contour the pool hole, we deliver the shell to your home, and set it. Once the shell is in place, backfill is placed around the pool and water is added. The plumbing is then installed, and concrete forms are set and laid. The pool is almost ready for use at this point. However, we perform a final cleaning and install your fencing to finish things off.

The construction of your in-ground fiberglass pool will vary if you choose to add design accessories. Extra time might be needed to inlay tiles, or to complete cascades or rock waterfalls. However, even if you choose the most elaborate custom design, construction and installation will still occur in a minimal amount of time.

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