In-ground Pool Designs

At Expert Pools, we offer our customers a wide variety of fiberglass pool designs. We have shapes and sizes that will complement almost any backyard. Large, medium, small, and even miniature units are available, and samples of each can be viewed at one of our showrooms.

The Island Breeze, Sea Breeze, and Panama designs are just a few of the large fiberglass pools that we carry at Expert Pools. Depths range from under five feet to over eight feet, so there are options for those who want to dive and those who would rather string volleyball nets across the center of their pools. Our smaller designs vary in depth as well. Some were created specifically with exercise in mind, while others are more versatile.

Why Choose a Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass pools are superior to concrete pools in several different ways. The installation process for an in-ground fiberglass pool is extremely fast when compared to the length of time it takes to build an in-ground concrete pool. Fiberglass pools can also withstand cold climates that would create cracks through the foundation of the average concrete model, and fiberglass stands up better against algae and other natural invaders that tend to wreak havoc on concrete pools.

Our fiberglass pools are not only superior to concrete pools, they also outperform other fiberglass designs as well. The flexural strength of an average fiberglass pool measures 23,500 P.S.I., while ours measure 41,976. This means that our pools are almost twice as strong as most of the fiberglass models on the market. Our pools also employ unique technology such as our closed coping system that allows them to withstand frigid temperatures, ice, and snow–three elements that are all too common in the Midwestern states.

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