Spa Enclosures

There are few things that are as relaxing as spending some time in a warm spa. Spas can reduce muscle tension and they can relieve a bit of the day’s stress. They can also provide a welcome diversion from cold winter nights.

As comfortable as spas are, the mad dash to and from the water when temperatures are low is enough to keep some people from using their spas when it turns cold. Also, when temperatures dip into the low twenties or teens, it can take a long time for a spa to heat up. On top of being an inconvenience, running the heater for extended periods of time can cost quite a lot of money. Spa enclosures can make winter spa use far more enjoyable and affordable. Enclosures keep the air warm, so the trip to the spa is not a painful one. They also keep the water warmer, so the heating process does not take nearly as long.

Protecting a Spa

Enclosures can actually extend the life of a spa. They protect the surface from the elements, reducing the amount of exterior damage that typical spas endure. An enclosure will also keep debris from building up in the water. This makes the spa easier to maintain, and it protects the unit from a number of harmful bacteria.

Part of the joy of relaxing in a spa is taking in the stars, the sunset, or even a view of the city. At Expert Pools, our enclosures allow for those sights in a warm, comfortable environment. Plexiglass and windowed enclosures are available so you can still lean back and look up at the night sky, if you wish.

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