Spa Manufacturers

Expert Pools is a leading distributor of fiberglass pools and spas. Our spas are built to be much stronger than any others on the market. We employ the use of the latest technology, much of which we have pioneered, to create products that last. Our advances in design (like ceramic cores and closed coping) have revolutionized the pool and spa industry in cold climate states.

When you’re shopping for a spa, there are a few things you should be looking for. First, is the spa easy to heat? It’s always a hassle when you are ready to take a load off and relax in the spa, but you end up having to wait and wait for the water to reach a comfortable temperature. Next, you need to determine if a particular spa has all the qualities you are looking for. There are very basic models, and there are designs that feature jets with five or six different settings. There are also spas that allow for reclining, while others only have upright benches.

Spa Accessories

A number of manufacturers do not carry a wide range of accessories to go along with their spas. At Expert Pools, we offer a variety of options that can enhance the spa experience. We have enclosures that keep spas protected and provide a warm path from the house to the water.

We also offer tools such as vacuums and maintenance kits that will help you keep your spa clean. We also have fiber optic lighting options for all of our spas. This makes relaxing at night a bit safer, and a well-placed, colored light can add to the mood that the spa provides.

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