Viking Fiberglass Pools

When Expert Pools was asked to be part of the television show Extreme Home Makeover, we used a Viking fiberglass pool shell that was a perfect fit for the backyard we were transforming. Viking pools and spas are durable, well-crafted, and easy to install. There are also several choices with regard to shape and size, which is not always the case with fiberglass pools.

The typical Viking fiberglass spa is 50 square feet. However, there are a number of designs to choose from, and custom-sized spas can be created. The Tahoe and the Shasta are two of the most popular. They provide ample seating room, and they even offer a person the opportunity to stretch out and enjoy the soothing power of the warm spa water.

Design Additions for Viking Fiberglass Pools


A number of design elements can be added to Viking pools. You may want to step out into your backyard and gaze upon a pool with a stream running through it, or a water fountain cascading in the center. Pools can be found with different colored surfaces, and tiles can be used to create monochromatic patterns or mosaics.

Fiber optic lighting can have an enormous impact on the way a pool looks. It can even light up an entire backyard, lending illumination and mood to any pool party. Viking fiberglass pools can be lit in four different colors. If a waterfall or stream has been put in place, it can be lit in an entirely different shade than the rest of the pool.

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