Expert Pool Builders is the premier provider of quality fiberglass pools from the leading manufacturers in the industry. Each has their own selections of pool finishes available as indicated below.

Available Pool Finishes:

Garden Leisure Spas

Acrylic Surface Color Choices

Silver Marble
Silver Marble (Garden Liesure Spas)
Storm Clouds
Storm Clouds (Garden Liesure Spas)
Tuscan Sun
Tuscan Sun (Garden Liesure Spas)

Skirting Color & Style Choices

Ash Gray
Ash Gray (Garden Liesure Spas)
Cocoa Brown
Cocoa Brown (Garden Liesure Spas)
Brown Wicker
Brown Wicker (Garden Liesure Spas)
Gray Stone
Gray Stone (Garden Liesure Spas)
Brown Stone
Brown Stone (Garden Liesure Spas)

Imagine Pools

Beach Sand
Beach Sand (Imagine Pools)
Coral Blue
Coral Blue (Imagine Pools)
Ice Silver
Ice Silver (Imagine Pools)
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue (Imagine Pools)
Reef Blue
Reef Blue (Imagine Pools)
Seaside Sky
Seaside Sky (Imagine Pools)
Storm Grey
Storm Grey (Imagine Pools)
Volcanic Black
Volcanic Black (Imagine Pools)

Latham Pools

Night Sky G3
Night Sky G3 (Latham Pool)
Night Sky G2
Night Sky G2 (Latham Pool)
Pearl White G3
Pearl White G3 (Latham Pool)
Shale Gray G3
Shale Gray G3 (Latham Pool)
Shale Gray G2
Shale Gray G2 (Latham Pool)
Coastal Bronze G2
Coastal Bronze G2 (Latham Pool)
Ocean Blue G2
Ocean Blue G2 (Latham Pool)
Sapphire Blue G2
Sapphire Blue G2 (Latham Pool)
Whisper White G2
Whisper White G2 (Latham Pool)

Leading Edge Pools

North Shore
North Shore
Marina Blue
Marina Blue
Blue Surf
Blue Surf

Sun Belt Spas

Majestic Sky
Pearl Shadow
Sterling Silver
Tuscan Sun

Sun Pools