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Dear Mr. Hoover:

I would like to take this belated opportunity to thank you and your excellent staff for the outstanding job that was done last summer on our pool installation. The follow up and concern about any questions and issues (which were many) was simply outstanding. I feel that your sales staff did a tremendous job explaining the entire process to us and being very patient with our concerns. During the time of construction, my wife Cheryl was undergoing chemo therapy treatments and we were concerned about dealing with any construction issues with a project of that magnitude. Your salesperson assured us that he would make sure that everything would be taken care of from the pulling of the various permits right through the completion of the project. He certainly was true to his word. I also had several conversations with your project coordinator regarding different questions that came up during the construction phase and he certainly was on top of whatever situation needed to be addressed. At the completion of the project, your service technician was very professional and really took his time with us starting up the pool, we made sure that we requested him to close our pool last fall and to open it this spring. Thank you again and please feel free to use us as a reference for your outstanding company.


Frank Nabarre


Dear Expert Pools

Hello to all of the great folks at Expert Pools. Our family would like to say thank you for our summer time fun!

We had a “Cancun” pool installed in the summer of 2010. Like most projects of this size, not everything goes quite as planned. For us it started with removing our above ground pool. And seeing as how our pool was buried four feet into the ground, it was a job best left to the professionals. When the older pool was finally removed, the crew that came to excavate for our new Cancun pool had to figure out how to get their tractor through the yard without running it into the huge hole left by our old pool. After an hour of head scratching, the guys figured out a plan involving great skill and fine touch to work between our house and the fence in an area not very big to complete their prep work. The entire crew did a fantastic job working around, through and in spite of the unusual problem.

When our pool arrived it was like a circus came to our neighborhood. Kids and adults alike lined the streets and backyard to watch the show as a 35 foot Cancun pool came driving toward our house. As the tractor lifted the pool, we had to make sure that our excited neighbors stayed back long enough for you to lift the pool off the trailer. With popcorn popped and cold drinks in hand, we relaxed and watched the new pool being installed without a hitch.

After our Cancun pool was plumbed and in place, lots of water was pumped into our new pool. The next hard part was waiting for the rest of the project to be completed. This next part involved getting the concrete poured around the pool. You can only imagine what the next setback was: rain! Believe me it seemed more like a monsoon. Finally after a few days the sun came out and the workers were there with the dawn. When the concrete was set our friends from Expert Pools came out to prep the pool and start the filter so the real fun could really begin.

Thank you for all the wonderful people at Expert Pools. We could not have asked for a better company to help give us the beautiful pool we have now. We have enjoyed so many daily trips to our private Cancun paradise right outside our backdoor all because of Expert Pools.


Laurie Hamilton and Family


To Whom it May concern,

This letter is to notify you of the great experience we had working with Expert Fiberglass Pools. Expert started installing our pool on July 9th. Everything went as scheduled from that day forward. The Pool installation, cement work, & all filter equipment was taken care of on the dates promised.

I want to give your entire staff a big thank you for having the pool completed for my daughters planned birthday party on August 15th.Everyone that came to the party absolutely loved our new backyard. I even have a few names and phone numbers for my interested friends and family members that also want a pool.

I have enclosed a picture of the pool for your viewing. Please feel free to use this letter as a reference to any potential customers. We were completely satisfied with the service & the pool. I am looking forward to enjoying many summers of swimming. In today’s busy world we were thankful for a hassle free job. Well done !!


Patrick and Jen Milne


Dear Greg,

I wanted to express my satisfaction with your company and our recent purchase of a Viking pool from you folks. First I want to thank you for taking the time on a late Friday afternoon back in June for introducing yourself and your company to us. The rest of your staff was busy with other customers, I know you were running late for a family event, but you gave us a complete tour of your facility. If you did that for every customer that walked through the door, your sales would increase dramatically. Your pride in your company and confidence in your staff really shows.

Your sales representative was as you stated, “Is one heck of a nice guy.” He came out to visit, was very thorough in his explanation of the products and services that his follow-up and his multiple visits to our home to make sure everything was proceeding as promised. There were a couple out of the ordinary circumstances that arose and you handled them without question.

Due to the fact that I chose to handle the electrical, fence and gas hook-up myself, there was a little confusion about the permits. We were able to get it figured out, but for a time, I must admit I was confused. The County doesn’t make it real easy. If I do this again, it will be a breeze. You might offer this as a benefit of your company handling the complete project. I might have saved some money, but not without some pain. Permits required for my project:

  1. Township land use – Pool
  2. Township land use – Hot Tub
  3. Fence Permit
  4. Pool Permit
  5. Hot Tub Permit
  6. Heater/Mechanical Permit
  7. Health Department Permit – Septic & Well
  8. Electrical Permit
  • Drain Commission – Due to pond within 100’
  • One of your company’s greatest assets in making sure your customers are taken care of and don’t pull their hair out during the pre-installation and installation process, is a young lady in your service department named Sabrina. I can assure you, if she didn’t have the coordination skills, knowledge of product and process, knowledge of your company and the patience of a saint, you folks would not have the success you are having today. She has in my opinion, the most important role that results in how you folks are perceived. Don’t get me wrong, everyone I dealt with delivered superb service. Sabrina however is a piece of glue and the consistent contact that works with the customer more and longer than anyone else. She is very good at what she does. Whatever you are paying here, it isn’t enough. Take care of that one, she’s priceless.

    Speaking of which. There’s another gentleman on your crew that isn’t’ getting paid enough, your operator Ben. I have had the opportunity to see several different contractors deliver services in the last couple years. Never have I seen such a hard working and driven young man. He never stops moving, is always thinking three steps ahead, keeps his team moving in the right direction, and delivers a flawless installation. It’s obvious he’s not being paid by the hour, he works way too hard. You can’t hire that type of talent from the outside, you are a lucky person.

    During the course of the project, I spoke with several different employees. All were courteous, helpful and seemed to care about me, the customer. Tell them thank you for me and to keep up the good work.

    If you have sales opportunities in the area and want a reference, you are welcome to use me. I work from home, so can be here to show off the pool anytime. I can be contacted during the day at xxx-xxx-xxxx, evenings at xxx-xxx-xxxx.


    Joel Eickholt and John McEwen


    Hi Greg,

    I was going to email you also to let you know how much I am enjoying my new pool. I am constantly telling everyone how it changed my life. I have given your name out to several people and wish I had a few cards with your name and number. My doctor has even told people how much it helped me. I have been working with water weights and have really started seeing a big difference in my strength and mobility. I was called a month ago and told that someone would contact me about doing a video for the pool but no one has contacted me yet. I tell everyone I could sell these to people who have any back problems like I have. I am now very interested in purchasing a cover for the pool.

    We went to our beach cabin for 5 days over Thanksgiving and I had two bad episodes of seizure like spells. The only think that I know caused it was not being in my therapy pool. As long as I can be in my pool for several hours a day, I do well, but without it, I can’t enjoy myself. I am always worried if I am away from it, when and if I will have one of my spells.

    Thanks again for doing such a great job designing the jets so they massage me at the points of surgery. Don’t forget to get me a good deal on the cover. I am not sure what kind we will need because of all the windows in our room. P.S. I am still waiting on my shirt from Expert Pools!


    Chelsea Graff



    Dear Greg: Thank you so much for your successful effort in saving our pool. Expert Pools pulled out all the stops to find a solution to the problem with our install by one of your competitors. We are so touched that Expert cared enough to get involved even though you did not sell us the Pool.

    We regret everyday that we went with xxxxxx Pools. xxxxx at xxxxxx is supposed to be the Owner, but he sure did not act like it. He dodged our calls for 2 months before finally coming out and then once he saw the problem, we never heard from him again. xxxxxx improperly installed our pool and sold us items for an above ground pool unbeknownst to us. He obviously knew we were first time pool owners and took advantage of it.

    In good times and bad the way you handle your mistakes make you honorable and trustworthy. xxxxx at xxxxx failed miserably during our year of trying to have him correct his bad install.

    Expert on the other hand, not only stood behind their Manufacturer's Pool they repaired another Company's mistakes. This will truly make us loyal Customers and we will let everyone know. You were an absolute pleasure to deal with and thanks again for all that you did!

    Most Sincerely,

    Sam and Irene Cerasoli


    Great Decision

    From beginning to end, we have been thoroughly pleased with our decision to get a fiberglass pool. As a previous Gunite pool owner, I was hesitant to even own another pool. I’m sure glad we found out about fiberglass.

    --Truly Yours-Jeanne Blackburn

    Absolute Joy

    We would like to express our sincere thanks to the entire staff at Expert Fiberglass Pools for our recent pool. Your professional staff was an absolute joy to work with. Your team made an otherwise intimidating purchase comfortable and enjoyable, something that is seldom found in business these days. We are exceptionally pleased with the professionalism and pride in workmanship that has been demonstrated during every step of the installation process.

    Great Job! – Munsey Family

    Quality Work

    After several months of research we decided on Expert Pools to construct our pool. With each phase your workers take the time to talk with us about what they were doing. It was obvious that every worker was proud to work for Expert Pools and expressed the quality that went into their work. We can attest that Expert Pools is customer oriented and the quality of their work is very important.

    Sincerely – Charles and Rosemary Sprague

    Second Time Customer

    When our family sold our home with an Expert Pool, we knew immediately who to call when we purchased our new home. My family and friends enjoy every minute of our backyard oasis. Please feel free to refer customers in my area to come see our beautiful new backyard. Good luck to you and your family, we couldn’t have chosen a better Fiberglass pool company!

    --Very Truly- John Castraletti and Family

    Outstanding Service

    Now that the summer season is over and my pool has been winterized, I wanted to take the time to formally thank you, Expert pools for providing me with an outstanding product and responsive service. As you are aware, I am a customer that fully researches the products and the people that install and service my purchase, in many cases these are not the same companies.

    My up front investigation proved to be a worthwhile effort, as everything that was promised to me was delivered. My experience from start to finish revealed that your company is committed to customer service. If my company (a big pharmaceutical) could provide the type of service I received from Expert, we would dominate our competition.

    --Sincerely- Stephen Ryzak