the "525L - 3 Seater" by Garden Leisure Spas only $ 11,350  

525L - 3 Seater

"525L - 3 Seater" by Garden Leisure Spas. YOUR Price: $ 11,350

Product Details/Description:

The GL525 L sits three users with one of those seats being a lounger seat. Equipped with 25 gray & stainless steel jets, you can relax and enjoy the benefits provided by hydrotherapy to relieve stress and tension. 2 fountains, air and water controls provide the ultimate in luxury.

Acrylic Surface Color Choices

Silver Marble
Silver Marble (Garden Liesure Spas)
Storm Clouds
Storm Clouds (Garden Liesure Spas)
Tuscan Sun
Tuscan Sun (Garden Liesure Spas)

Skirting Color & Style Choices

Ash Gray
Ash Gray (Garden Liesure Spas)
Cocoa Brown
Cocoa Brown (Garden Liesure Spas)
Brown Wicker
Brown Wicker (Garden Liesure Spas)
Gray Stone
Gray Stone (Garden Liesure Spas)
Brown Stone
Brown Stone (Garden Liesure Spas)
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Maker: Garden Leisure Spas

Model: 525L - 3 Seater

Size: 60" x 83"

Depth: 33.5"

CASH PRICE: $ 11,350

FINANCED: $ 13,850

MONTHLY: $ 111


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