the "Meridian" by Latham Pool only $ 24,350  


"Meridian" by Latham Pool. YOUR Price: $ 24,350

Product Details/Description:

Latham Pools has produced tens of thousands of stunning fiberglass spas like the Meridian for over 60 years.

Night Sky G3
Night Sky G3 (Latham Pool)
Night Sky G2
Night Sky G2 (Latham Pool)
Pearl White G3
Pearl White G3 (Latham Pool)
Shale Gray G3
Shale Gray G3 (Latham Pool)
Shale Gray G2
Shale Gray G2 (Latham Pool)
Coastal Bronze G2
Coastal Bronze G2 (Latham Pool)
Ocean Blue G2
Ocean Blue G2 (Latham Pool)
Sapphire Blue G2
Sapphire Blue G2 (Latham Pool)
Whisper White G2
Whisper White G2 (Latham Pool)
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Maker: Latham Pool

Model: Meridian

Size: 7' 9" x 7' 9"

Depth: 3'

CASH PRICE: $ 24,350

FINANCED: $ 25,350

MONTHLY: $ 203


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