Fiberglass Swimming Pool Prices

At Expert Pools, we urge you to stop by one of our warehouses to see the finest selection of fiberglass pools in the state. You can check out the variety of styles we have to offer, and you can even take a dip in our fully-installed, fully-functional swimming pool. This will give you a chance to enjoy all of the benefits that fiberglass pools have to offer.

There is a common misconception among many Americans that fiberglass pools are not as strong as those constructed of concrete. In fact, the opposite is true. Our fiberglass pools are 17 times stronger than concrete models. They also are far better equipped to withstand ground shifts and inclement weather. Our pools are so strong that we are able to offer a structural lifetime guarantee on them. Basic packages can cost anywhere from $ 20,000 to $45,000, but this is generally far less than a contractor would charge for installing a new concrete pool.

Receive a Free Quote

There are several issues that will affect the price of your fiberglass pool. The design, accessories, layout, and more will be considered to determine the cost. However, regardless of the price of your pool, you will save money on maintenance and upkeep with fiberglass, and you will be able to enjoy your pool for a very long time.

At Expert Pools, we can provide you with a free in-house quote. This gives us a chance to view your backyard and to show you exactly how your pool will be laid out. If you are interested, we can even take you out to view the installation process, so you will know exactly what to expect when your fiberglass pool arrives

Fiberglass Pool Pricing

At Expert Pools, we offer the very best fiberglass pools on the market. They are over 17 times stronger than concrete pools, and they can withstand ground movement that would devastate concrete in-ground models. Also, only fiberglass pools can survive the low temperatures, biting winds, and regular frost that accompany cold winters.

You can contact us to receive a free quote on a fiberglass pool. Prices vary depending on the size and style of the model. However, our fiberglass pools are low maintenance so you will not have to spend a lot of money caring for one. The pool will never have to be re-marcited or acid washed, and it requires only 1/3 of the chlorine needed for a concrete pool. This means that you will save thousands of dollars in the long run if you choose to purchase a fiberglass pool. Basic packages can cost anywhere from $ 20,000 to $45,000, but this is generally far less than a contractor would charge for installing a new concrete pool.

Accessories Available for Fiberglass Pools

At Expert Pools, we have an array of accessories that can enhance the look of your pool or increase the number of activities that can take place in the water. We have gas-fired heaters that extend the swimming season into the winter. We have slides and diving platforms that increase the entertainment value of the pool, and we carry massage jets and fiber optic lights that make things just a little bit more relaxing.

There are also several design accessories you can choose from when buying a Expert fiberglass pool. We have standard and customized inlaid mosaics. We also offer a variety of tiles for the perimeter of the pool and for seats and steps. Accessories of any kind will affect the pricing of your pool, so contact us or come see us to receive a free estimate.

Fiberglass Pool Kits

In most cases, when you order a fiberglass pool kit, you will receive all of the materials necessary to handle the installation process on your own. Basic kits can cost anywhere from $ 5,000 to $21,000, but this is generally far less than a contractor would charge for installing a new pool. There are several things to consider before deciding to install a fiberglass pool by yourself. Please contact one of our sales associates for more details.

Fiberglass pool kits are designed for the true do-it-yourselfer. While directions are not difficult to follow, the job is not a simple one. Time and patience are required, and guidelines must be followed exactly, or surface damage can occur.

One-Piece Fiberglass Pools

At Expert Pools, we have the largest stock of one-piece fiberglass pools in the world. Using a one-piece unit in conjunction with a pool kit can save you a lot of money when it comes to installation. The time and amount of labor required to complete the pool will be greatly reduced, which in turn will reduce the overall cost. However, saving money does not mean that you will have to limit your options because we have several different styles of one-piece pools to choose from.

If you visit one of our  locations, you can see what our one-piece fiberglass models look like when they are installed. You can also talk to one of our staff members about kit and accessory options. We can happily answer any questions you might have regarding the installation process or financing, as well.

Fiberglass Pool Dealers

Fiberglass pools were introduced to the country in the 1950s, and they have been transforming backyards ever since. These pools have made it possible for people in areas that experience harsh winters to actually have in-ground pools. Before fiberglass models, most Midwesterners and Northeasterners had to make do with above ground pools, because concrete creations couldn’t survive the months of constant subfreezing temperatures, ice, and snow.

Protection against the elements is not the only advantage fiberglass pools have over their concrete counterparts. The vinyl ester and ceramic blended resins that are used in the best fiberglass pools greatly reduce the chances for the types of surface damage that are common in most in-ground pools. Fiberglass pools and spas are also far less likely to succumb to corrosion caused by algae, and they are easier to maintain than other designs.

Choosing Fiberglass Pool Dealers

Purchasing a pool is a major financial commitment both in the short and long-term. A well-designed, well-crafted pool can increase property values and make it easier for people to sell their homes, while a poorly-made or unsightly pool can actually have the opposite effect. That is why it is important for a person to review the past work of a dealer before investing in a pool.

In our 16 years of business, Expert Pools has continually offered the very best fiberglass pools on the market to residents of ¬†Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The technology we employ in the creation of our products is 20 years ahead of what the majority of companies use. We have continued to grow due to customer demand, and we now have more one-piece fiberglass pools in stock than any other distributor in the world. If you can’t make the drive to come see us, we can make a house call, and provide you with a free estimate.

Fiberglass Pool Costs

On average, the starting price for a high-quality fiberglass pool is around $ 20,000. This is far less than the cost of other “entertainment” investments like boats, campers, and cabins and sports cars. Also, unlike those other purchases, a fiberglass pool offers daily and nightly entertainment for the entire family. A well-built pool can last a lifetime, and swimming will never go out of style, so you can enjoy constant returns on your investment.

Overall, fiberglass pool costs are kept down by the fact that the amount of time and money spent on maintenance is minimal. Also, if your pool is indoors, you won’t have to pay any storage costs. Even if it is outdoors, you will only have to pay for winterizing. Also, fiberglass pools do not require the additional insurances that are needed for other investments. There are no theft issues or travel costs that arise with boats, cars, and cabins, either.

Installing Fiberglass Pools

At Expert Pools, we can install your pool in as little as three days. In order to keep the cost of the process down and to ensure efficiency, we maintain our own machinery such as hydraulic excavators, dump trucks, overhead cranes, and even a water tanker. Once the installation is complete, we offer one-on-one training so you will be completely prepared to operate and care for your fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass pools are 17 times stronger than concrete pools. They are built to last and to withstand harsh weather conditions. Contact us, or visit one of our locations to learn about all of the benefits of a fiberglass pool and to receive a free, no-hassle quote.

Backyard Pools

For children there is nothing quite like heading out to the backyard pool on a hot day and impressing friends and family members with a series of cannonballs, jack-knifes, and can openers. The joy derived from a pool is not limited to kids, though. Pools provide a great source of exercise for those looking to drop a few pounds, and they are perfect for anyone who wants to spend a little time in the sun during peak tanning hours.

In most Southern states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Texas concrete pools dominate backyards. People do not have to worry about cracks forming due to long, cold winters. However, in places like Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin concrete pools generally are not strong enough to make it through the cold weather changes. Anyone who wants a backyard pool that is going to last in the harsh weather can really only rely on fiberglass pools that are built to flex with the ground movement.

Benefits of Backyard Fiberglass Pools 

At Expert Pools, we are aware of the fact that not every fiberglass pool or spa is exactly the same. That is why we employ the latest technology and use only the finest materials in our designs. We have developed a distinctive fiberglass composite that features a ceramic layer between the vinyl ester and polyester resin layers. This ceramic interior makes the pool stronger and it waterproofs the pool’s finish.

Technology is not the only thing that separates us from other fiberglass pool distributors. We are the number-one ranked builder of in-ground pools in the area, our work has been featured on the hit TV show Extreme Home Makeover, and our stock of one-piece fiberglass pools is unmatched. We are also willing to take the time to see that a customer gets exactly what he is looking for when purchasing a pool. For instance, if you can’t visualize what a pool will look like in your backyard, we can stop by with a full-sized, fabric template that will give you a better picture. We also offer three dimensional design for no additional charge.