Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools have always been the choice of people who live in harsh climates, because they can easily be covered or stored when the swimming season ends. They also offer an affordable alternative for those who simply are not willing to make the financial commitment that is required for an in-ground pool. Not only is the initial cost much less for an above ground model, but maintenance costs are also much easier to handle.

At Expert Pools, we can happily install an above ground pool for you and your family. We can also answer any questions you might have regarding upkeep or construction concerns. Our sales staff will talk you through all of the options you have with designs, sizes, accessories and options.

Maintaining an Above Ground Pool

Most people do not see an above ground pool as a long-term investment. While they are not built to last as long as in-ground pools, there are above ground designs that can last for several years. However, even the best above ground pools will decay rapidly if they are not taken care of properly.

Maintenance is not difficult on an above ground pool, as their surface is generally made of a smooth vinyl liner which does not build up quickly with bacteria or algae. It is important to take care of debris that collects in the water, especially sharp objects such as tree limbs. If tree limbs are not removed they may cause damage to the liner. One of the most common problems with above ground pools is the poor filtration system included with the initial package. Without the addition of a quality filter system the water can quickly stagnate, and it can become a breeding area for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. In order to avoid problems with build-up, the pool should be cleaned and chemically balanced regularly, and water should be replaced or treated on a regular basis.