Spa Pool

Spas, hot tubs, and whirlpools have all come to mean the same thing in America. The terms are interchangeable because most “spa” products offer a variety of heat, bubble, and whirlpool settings so a person can enjoy a range of benefits. In fact, it is now possible for people to experience the relaxation of a spa or whirlpool while they are swimming.

The spa pool is not necessarily any pool that is heated. The typical spa pool is smaller than average, but it is still large enough to swim in. It also has spots available to sit and rest. The pool will reach heats as high as spas, and jets will have Jacuzzi and whirlpool capabilities.

Heating a Spa Pool

Heating a pool or spa of any size can be expensive if the owner does not have an efficient heater. This is especially true when a person consistently heats a pool up over 100 degrees. At Expert Pools, we carry spa pool designs and the heaters to match.

There are a number of affordable ways to heat a pool. A solar blanket can keep a spa pool at a warm temperature overnight or when it is not being used. Also, automatic heaters do not waste time or energy. Instead, they are set to heat the pool to a certain point over a pre-determined period of time. This allows a person to maintain more control over the temperature of the spa pool and the amount of time the heater is being used.