Fiberglass Lap Pools

Swimming pools are unique in that they are a means for both relaxation and exercise. A person can spend a lazy day simply floating around a pool on an oversized inflatable raft, or he can burn calories and work his arms, legs, and abs by doing laps. A lap pool is often the best bet for a person who wants to take advantage of a pool’s dual nature.

Lap pools are laid out differently than typical swimming pools. A lap pool provides a clear path from one end of the pool to the other so a swimmer doesn’t have worry about running into a wall, or coming face-to-face with a diving board. Lap pools usually maintain a constant depth, as well. This allows a swimmer to maintain a steady stroke while he is taking laps.

The Benefits of Fiberglass Lap Pools

Fiberglass lap pools, like the designs we offer at Expert Pools, have several advantages over concrete lap pools. The surface of a fiberglass lap pool is smoother, and makes the initial push off easier. It also prevents a swimmer from cutting his foot on the bottom or side of the pool when he goes into a flip or turn at the end of a lap.

The process of installing a fiberglass lap pool is fast and relatively simple. Also, fiberglass pools are easy to heat, so a person who wants to continue swimming laps into December will have no problems. Our fiberglass pools are more durable than any other pool on the market so they will not be affected by time, the weather, or the pounding they take from serious exercise.

Endless Pools

The exercise craze continues to sweep across America. More people are signing up for health club memberships than ever before, and activities like running and cycling grow in popularity each year. A large number of fitness buffs have also discovered the advantages of swimming. Getting in the pool and knocking out a few laps can serve as a great cardiovascular workout, while working muscles that do not receive attention from any other type of exercise. Swimming is easier on the body than running, and it is generally more refreshing as well.

The shapes and sizes of most in-ground residential pools make it difficult for people to do any serious exercise in them. People find themselves swimming into side walls while they’re doing laps, or they swim the entire length of the pool in just a few strokes. At Expert Pools, we have several styles of fiberglass pools that were designed with exercise in mind. A swimmer has a straight shot from end-to-end, and both the length and depth of the pool are conducive to freestyle, butterfly, back, breast, or any other stroke a serious exerciser wants to undertake.

Using Exercise Pools in Winter

No one wants to break up a good exercise regimen. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens for a lot of people who use swimming as a fitness outlet. The autumn and winter months roll in, and there is no choice but to give up the laps for awhile.

State-of-the-art heaters allow a person to use his exercise pool year-round. Temperatures can actually be set so high that the water will be warmer than it ever was in the summer. This transforms the pool into both the perfect winter work-out venue and relaxation spot. If you have a prescription from your physician for water therapy it is a wise idea to check with your insurance company to see if they would consider paying for a portion of a new pool or spa in your home.