Commercial Swimming Pools

Apartment complexes, condominiums, campgrounds, country clubs, and hotels can greatly benefit from commercial swimming pools. A pool can attract guests and residents, and it will even make some people more willing to pay higher rent on a property. Commercial pools can be as customized as residential pools. Custom designs and original landscaping can greatly enhance the appearance of a pool. Also, complexes can choose from several different types of pools. For instance, a country club might have a standard swimming pool, a lap or exercise pool, and a game pool on the same property.

We at Expert Pools are a leading distributor of commercial pools in in Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The pools we install are constructed from fiberglass as opposed to concrete. Fiberglass pools are more durable and far better equipped to handle cold climates than concrete pools.

Maintaining Commercial Pools

There is no rule that says a commercial pool has to be larger than a private pool, but it should be designed to allow several people to swim at once. There are also safety concerns that come with commercial pools that are not always necessary with residential models. Often, commercial pools are shallow because lifeguards are not always present, and children will often swim on their own.

Commercial pools are usually more susceptible to abrasion, debris collection, and bacteria build-up than residential pools. Our fiberglass pools will greatly reduce the amount of maintenance required to manage these problems. They are easier to clean than concrete pools, and they are built to stave off algae penetration and other surface problems that often occur when groups of people swim in a pool on a regular basis. The total savings on chemicals and routine maintenance will save you several thousand dollars per year. Some of our clients said that they even saved enough after 10 years to pay for the pool !